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Daniel Herren

FESSH Congress President

Maurizio Calcagni

FESSH Congress President

Vera Beckmann-Fries

EFSHT Congress President

Marianne von Haller

EFSHT Congress President

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

There are impressive statistical figures from the FESSH-ON-WEEK 2020:
1148 registrations from 61 different countries, 1597 live-streamed minutes with 54 speakers and 5000 views in 2 and ½ days with an average viewing time of 60 minutes.

But especially comments like:
’Organisation, communication was excellent throughout, especially for such an extreme change in circumstances. The organisers should be very proud’ or ’Very well organized topics and very good quality of the lectures’ are very encouraging comments from participants of the first online FESSH congress and compensates for the many working hours we invested in it.

Such an event is not possible without the dedicated effort of the many helping hands. We would like to thank all the colleagues who took the burden of traveling across Europe to support FESSH and all who invested time in their lectures and presentations. A special thank goes also to the industrial partners who, despite the very difficult economical situation, believed in FESSH and our concept. The team of CadLab Cologne did an incredible job and provided first class quality live pictures. Klewel our online streaming partner delivered again support on a very high level.

A big thanks goes to our FESSH office in Budapest. The team had sleepless nights but managed to solve even unsolvable problems. With an always positive attitude and incredible stamina they were the backbone of the event.

A last thank to all that invested time and effort in preparing abstracts and talks for the June edition and could not be included in the online event. This includes also our Chinese colleagues, which were ready to contribute to the event in Basel.

If the pandemic at all has a positive aspect then the fact, that we were forced to go new ways and we are sure in the retrospective this was the beginning of a new and innovative way of spreading educational content.

Daniel Herren and Maurizio Calcagni
The Presidents of the FESSH-ON-WEEK 2020

Dear Colleagues and Friends

“I loved the introduction to Basel at the beginning and seeing the sites. Definitely want to go there now. Enjoyed the talks, they covered lots of different angles of a topic. “

The EFSHT online! Week has been a great success, with around 400 participants from 41 countries worldwide. We very much hope you enjoyed this online event, and have been able to benefit from all these wonderful speakers and experts. We would like to thank all of you very much for your contributions!

The contents and recorded sessions are still available to all participants on the congress platform until December 31, 2020. Take the chance to browse through the free papers and e-posters, and to get back to the sessions and speeches you liked most. Open the platform here

„I like the fact, that I can listen to the presentations twice or more times and if I miss one I can watch it later. “

We would like to thank all contributors, speakers, organisers, sponsors and technicians for their help in making the first EFSHT online! Week such a great experience. Thank you for your flexibility and openness throughout the preparations – you all have done an incredible job!

„This was my first online congress experience. I enjoyed it. This was the best possible solution for this congress these days. I am very much satisfied with the organization and online event. Thank you for your effort. “

We hope we will be able to meet you all again soon – preferably live, of course! In the meantime, let us send you our best wishes!

Vera Beckmann-Fries and Marianne von Haller
EFSHT online! Week Congress Presidents


Virtual Congress
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Tuesday, 01 September 2020
Moderators: Maurizio Calcagni (Switzerland), Daniel Herren (Switzerland)
Session details
Wednesday, 02 September 2020
07:30-08:15FESSH TALK SHOW
The SL-ligament complex: what works when? The Big Scapho-Lunate Debate: Learn how the experts deal with the cases you see in your practice

Moderators: Frederik Verstreken (Belgium), Gerald Kraan (the Netherlands)
Interactive discussion by recognized experts on different scapho lunate injury cases. Focus will be on decision making and practical tips and tricks for treatment.
Session details
Arthroplasty at PIP, MCP and Thumb

Moderators: Stephan Schindele (Switzerland), Hermann Krimmer (Germany)
Session details
20:00-20:20FESSH Journal Committee panel
Moderator: Gürsel Leblebicioğlu (Turkey)
Session details
20:25-20:50FESSH Research Committee panel
Moderator: Simon Farnebo (Sweden)
Session details
Arthroplasty at the Wrist

Moderators: Grey Giddins (UK), Philippe Bellemère (France)
Session details
Thursday, 03 September 2020
07:30-08:00FESSH Social Media Committee panel
Social Media: Powerful Tools for Hand Surgeons

Moderator: Zaf Naqui (UK)
Session details
08:05-08:25Young European Hand Surgeons panel
Moderator: Inga Besmens (Switzerland)
Session details
Arthroplasty at the Distal RadioUlnar Joint (DRUJ)

Moderators: Grey Giddins (UK), Michel Boeckstyns (Denmark)
Session details
14:00-15:15Educational Afternoon 1
AO: Carpal fractures including Scaphoid

Moderator: Brigitte van der Heijden (The Netherlands)
Fractures of the carpal bones are frequent, but often missed and most fractures occur in young otherwise healthy individuals. Adequate imaging and treatment are therefore mandatory to prevent longstanding sick leave or late problems. CT scans should be performed early to establish the diagnosis. Surgical treatment is indicated in some, but not all scaphoid fractures and indications and relevant details of conservative and surgical options are presented. Fractures of the other carpal bones are detected more frequently since CT scans are performed more often, and most of them can be effectively treated with immobilization of the wrist joint. In the cadaver lab surgical approaches to the scaphoid and other carpal bones are demonstrated.

Renato Fricker (Switzerland)
Session details
15:45-17:00Educational Afternoon 2
IBRA: CT Based Treatment Oriented Classification in Radius Fractures

Moderator: Daniel Herren (Switzerland)
Reconstructing the mechanism of the injury gives insight into which structures are involved, such as ruptured ligaments, bone fragments as well as the dislocated osteo-ligamentous units.
This educational event attempts to show how to define certain key fragments, which seem crucial to reduce and stabilize each type of DRF. It is devided in a short theoratical explanation followed by an live lab demonstration on two pre-fractured specimens representing a dorsal key fragment and a palmar key fragment.

Wolfgang Hintringer, Vienna, Austria
Hermann Krimmer, Ravensburg, Germany
Session details
17:30-18:45Educational Afternoon 3
BIRG: Patient Specific Forearm and Distal Radius Reconstruction/Correction

Moderator: Maurizio Calcagni (Switzerland)
Malunion of the distal radius and forearm in posttraumatic or congenital disorders are rare diagnosis but can lead to considerable complaints and problems. In the event of a symptomatic malunion, especially in young patients, correction must always be considered to achieve the most anatomical result.
3D-virtual planning and mirroring of the opposite side is a well know procedures established in the last decade. To give justice to the individual anatomy also printed individual titanium-implants, first introduced in maxilla-fascial surgery, are now available for radius and forearm reconstruction. We present the technical planning and implementation of this new procedure as well as the experience with such patient specific guides and 3D printed plates will be discussed and illustrated by specific cases.
During the session two demo surgeries of an intra-articular radius malunion and of a forearm malunion will be performed. After going through the case planning and the virtual 3D reconstruction, the cases will be treated with 3D printed guides and 3D printed patient specific plates.

Niels Schep, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Radek Kebrle, Mladà Boleslav, Czech Republic
Stephan Schindele, Zurich, Switzerland
Session details
Friday, 04 September 2020
08:15-08:55Industry Symposium
Session details
09:00-10:40Live Surgery 1
Distal Radius fractures

Moderators: Radek Kebrle (Czech Republic), Hermann Krimmer (Germany)
Session details
10:45-11:30MINI COURSE 1
Outcome measurement in daily care; towards big data in hand surgery

Moderator: Ruud Selles (The Netherlands)
Session details
11:30-12:00Industry Symposium
Session details
12:00-13:50Live Surgery 2
PIP Arthroplasty, PIP/ DIP fusion

Moderators: Elisabet Hagert (Sweden), Stephan Schindele (Switzerland)
Session details
14:00-14:45MINI COURSE 2
Hand rejuvenation

Moderator: Nicole Lindenblatt (Switzerland)
Session details
16:25-16:55Industry Symposium
Session details
17:00-18:45Live Surgery 3
Partial wrist fusion, Wrist arthroplasty

Moderators: Wolfgang Hintringer (Austria), Zaf Naqui (UK)
Session details
18:50-19:20Industry Symposium
Session details
Saturday, 05 September 2020
09:00-10:40Live Surgery 4
Ulna session / DRUJ

Moderators: Radek Kebrle (Czech Republic), Philippe Bellemère (France)
Session details
10:45-11:30MINI COURSE 3
Managing the nerve gap

Moderator: Dominic Power (UK)
Session details
12:00-13:40Live Surgery 5
Thumb CMC

Moderators: Maurizio Calcagni (Switzerland), Alex Lluch (Spain)
Session details
13:45-14:45MINI COURSE 4
Controversies in the Treatment of Common Congenital Hand Anomalies - Virtual round table

Moderator: Daniel Weber (Switzerland)
The panel introduces and discusses cases with several experts presenting potential solutions. The audience can vote online on therapeutical options before and after the discussion to see whether the discussion has influenced the opinion of the audience.
Session details
15:00-16:40Live Surgery 6
Complex distal radius, Scaphoid non union

Moderators: Renato Fricker (Switzerland), Frederik Vertstreken (Belgium)
Session details

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Tuesday, 01 September 2020
15:30-15:45Opening Ceremony and Congress Presidents' Welcome

Address of the EFSHT President

Vera Beckmann-Fries
Helle Puggaard

Marianne von Haller
15:45-17:00Knowledge Transfer: Implementation of Evidence Based Practice in the field of Hand Therapy
Evidence Based Practice is widely recognized as a desirable practice for therapists and physicians. How feasible is it to incorporate this into everyday clinical practice? The speakers in this session will examine therapists' perceptions of EBP, how EBP is taught, and provide insights from practical experiences with EBP and incorporating the patient in this process.
Get to know the panel

Sarah G. Ewald, OTR, MA Ed, Swiss CHT, ECHT
powered by
17:15-18:301st CMC Joint: Stability, Instability and Rehabilitation
The basal thumb joint provides a strong and stable platform for power, precision and varied function. We will look at what contributes to the balance and stability of the thumb with consideration of the anatomy, proprioception and neuromuscular components and methods for management of unstable painful basal joints.
Get to know the panel

Sarah Mee, OT, MSc
19:15-20:00Ask the Expert: Not demanding but helpful: Benefits of Routine Outcome Measurement in Hand and Wrist conditions
Measuring the outcome of your patients - why bother?
Take the chance to discuss this topic via live-chat with Dr. Robbert Wouters!

Dr. Robbert Wouters, PT CHT
Wednesday, 02 September 2020
15:45-17:00Client-centered practice in Hand Therapy
There is evidence to support client-centredness as an approach in rehabilitation. It is reported to improve functioning in everyday living and increase level of satisfaction with the treatment result. Individualized rehabilitation, shared decision making and goal-setting are some of the client-centred practice topics to be discussed in this focus session. As an introduction we will provide an overview of client-centred practice and person-centred rehabilitation according to the literature and interviews with patients. Other topics include how decision aids and individualized prediction modelling can be used to facilitate shared decision making, and how the Patient-specific functional scale (PSFS) can be used in goal-setting and treatment evaluation. Furthermore, the Pictorial representation of illness and self measure (PRISM) and its use in clinical practice to better understand patients and support a client-centred approach will be presented.
Get to know the panel

Alice Ørts, OT, Ph.d., Postdoc

Anja Skriver, OT
Keynote presentation:
PRISM: The method for visualization in (Hand)-Therapy
On-demand video presentation (duration cca 45-60 min), avalailable all time

Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Büchi (Switzerland)
17:15-18:30Chronic Hand Conditions
The hand joints are the frequent sites of involvement in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis is a common form of arthritis in children and teenagers, frequently affecting the upper limb joints.
Conservative interventions such as splints, joint protection advice, and exercises play an important role in reducing pain and improving hand function in rheumatoid arthritis and hand osteoarthritis. This session will focus on conservative treatments of hand osteoarthritis and hand exercises for rheumatoid arthritis. We will also discuss the updated German guidelines for managing juvenile idiopathic arthritis and patho-mechanical principles in the development of upper limb deformities.
Get to know the panel

Cynthia Srikesavan, PT PhD

Beate Jung, OT, HT-DAHTH
19:15-20:00Ask the Expert: the versatility of relative motion splints
Come prepared with your questions about all things Relative Motion. Don't miss this great opportunity to interact with Julianne Howell (USA) and Melissa Hirth (AUS)!

Julianne Howell (PT, MS, CHT) and Melissa Hirth (OT MSc)
Thursday, 03 September 2020
15:15-15:40Orfit Workshop
Get to know the panel
15:45-17:00Upper Limb Amputations and Prosthetics
For individuals with upper limb amputations or absence, prosthetic fittings are the standard of care in Europe. This session gives an overview of current prosthetic options, psychological considerations and state of the art recommendations for rehabilitation. Furthermore, novel surgical techniques and recent technical developments, as well as their implications for hand therapy will be presented.
Get to know the panel

Agnes Sturma, PT, PhD
17:15-18:30Neuropathic Pain: Treatment Options
The treatment of neuropathic pain represents a major challenge in medicine and therapy.
In this session, we present the established methods as well as new assessment and treatment options for patients with neuropathic pain.
The presentations focus on the assessments as well as information regarding drug treatment and additional methods such as somatosensory rehabilitation and transcranial magnetic stimulation.
Get to know the panel

Ulla Jörn Good, OT

Charles Mayor, OT, MSc
powered by
19:15-20:00Ask the Expert: Addressing a Wicked Problem: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
You have the exclusive opportunity to ask THE expert about CRPS in this live-chat! Come and join in this session with Dr. Tara Packham (CAN)!

Dr. Tara Packham, OT Reg(Ont)
Join us for our virtual EFSHT-Party-Night and win a gift set by Louis Widmer
Click for more information

Day sponsor:

Friday, 04 September 2020
15:45-17:00Flexor Tendon Rehabilitation: Evidence Meets Clinical Challenges
Background: Despite intensive studies and debates over the past decades, postoperative rehabilitation regimens for flexor tendon injures remain globally diverse. Lack of consensus might result from poor evidence to define the optimum mobilisation strategy and from diverse expert opinions. Purpose: The purpose of this session is to provide insights into current clinical practice and to discuss these with experts. Methods: Overview of the state of the art of current flexor tendon evidence and panel discussion with hand therapy experts.
Get to know the panel

Bernadette Tobler, OT, PhD

Tamara Hauri, OT, cand. PhD
17:15-18:30Hand Fractures: What's up?
In many pathologies, hand therapists have in mind the will to "mobilize early and appropriately", which is most important when treating hand fractures.
As a matter of fact, in this kind of injuries, a delayed or inadequate mobilization can compromise functional recovery by disturbing the glidings between the anatomical elements involved, among other things.
This "early and appropriate mobilization" must consider the bone healing, but also the anatomical, physiological and environmental elements affected by the injury. They can, in fact, change the modalities of the mobilization.
What is the evidence about the ideal modalities of "early mobilization" after a hand fracture? Should we give more importance to the conservative treatment in these pathologies, in order to facilitate early mobilization? Is using WALANT bringing new options ? What kind of therapy shall we use in case of complication ?
Get to know the panel

Grégory Mesplié, PT

Mireia Esplugas, MD

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Friday, 04 September 2020
08:15-08:55Medartis Symposium
Session details
16:25-16:55Zimmer Biomet Symposium
Session details
11:30-12:00Xiros Symposium
Session details
18:50-19:20Acumed Symposium
Session details

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